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The Wicked Wyckerly: The Rebellious Sons    by Patricia Rice order for
Wicked Wyckerly
by Patricia Rice
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Abigail Merriweather looks after her farm after losing custody of her four half-siblings. A man named Fitz shows up with his young daughter Penelope, having nowhere to go. Abby decides to let him work in exchange for a place to sleep in the stables. He is infuriating, but Abby can't stop reacting to his charm.

John Fitzgerald Wyckerly has been left with a dilapidated estate along with overwhelming debts after his brother's death. Now the seventh Earl of Danecroft, he sets off to collect his illegitimate daughter Penelope and find a wealthy wife, in order to refurbish his estate and pay his debts. His cousin finds his clothing by the lake and assumes that, stressed by the debts, he has committed suicide.

Lady Isabelle Hoyt shows up on Abby's farm, telling her that she has been left a legacy and takes her away to London. Abby believes that the only way she will regain custody of her siblings is to marry a rich man as Lady Isabelle has suggested. Isabelle offers to introduce Abby to society. She also recognizes Fitz as the Earl of Danecroft, and tells him that London thinks him dead. He returns as well.

Abby and Fitz are thrown together socially as well as when Abby visits Penelope. Each needs a spouse but Lady Isabelle considers Fitz unsuitable for Abby because of his gambling. When Abby's siblings disappear from their foster home, Fitz and Abby take off to find them, and end up married. Since the solicitor will still not allow the children to be with Abby, Fitz decides to give up his wife so that she can have the children she loves so much. Will they find a way to stay together?

The Wicked Wyckerly is the first in a new Rebellious Sons series by Patricia Rice. The leads are stubborn but lovable, while secondary characters bring humor and adventure to the story. This is a great start to a new historical romance series.

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