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Entwined: Eternal Guardians    by Elizabeth Naughton order for
by Elizabeth Naughton
Order:  USA  Can
Love Spell, 2010 (2010)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Naughton returns to her imaginative world of modern day Argonauts in this second dark and captivating instalment of her Eternal Guardians series. Along with a growing cadre of warriors - a few of whom have rather shady motivations - Naughton also allows uber-nasty villainous Atalanta more face time. Her maniacal quest for vengeance against the Argonauts and all they stand for has heated up and takes a few new twists now that she's been booted out of the Underworld. The fact that Hades stripped her of her godhood and turned her into a mere mortal also forces her to ramp up her timetable in conquering the world.

As a descendent of Achilles, Zander has lived many lifetimes and fought many battles to keep the human world from being invaded by daemons. But he grows tired of the endless fighting and losing those closest to him. The fact that the woman he considers his soul mate betrayed him and their love ten years ago only strengthens his resolve to find his Achilles heel and end his life. But when he discovers the truth surrounding Callia's duplicity and the disappearance of their child, the former lovers must set aside their differences and rescue their son as well as their troubled relationship.

If you enjoy paranormal stories with a fresh and unique twist, multi-layered characterizations, sizzling love stories and non-stop action, then be sure to investigate Elizabeth Naughton's intriguing Eternal Guardians series.

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