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Plum Blossoms In Paris    by Sarah Hina order for
Plum Blossoms In Paris
by Sarah Hina
Order:  USA  Can
Medallion, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Daisy Lockhart has been dumped by her boyfriend Andy. They had been together since high school and at the age of twenty-three she is heartbroken. She never saw it coming, and always assumed they would be together forever. Daisy is a grad student working in a lab, and now she wants to get away from her job, her parents, and life in general. She decides to go to Paris to unwind, and there she meets Mathieu, a young writer who is mourning the loss of his mother.

Daisy and Mathieu become lovers, and Mathieu shows her the side of Paris many tourists never see. They also tour the museums and churches, marveling at the history they are feasting on. Even though they are drawn to one another, they clash over religion, language, art, and many other things. They begin to lie to each other in minor ways and soon their deceptions explode. As each day goes by Daisy knows her time in Paris is limited and she must make a decision to stay or return to the United States.

Plum Blossoms In Paris is a debut novel rich in art and literature. The story focuses on Daisy and Mathieu's compatibility. Daisy is on a mission of self discovery and healing while Mathieu is seeking balance in his life. After losing his mother to her American dream, Daisy is an ironic choice for a lover.

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