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A Knight's Persuasion    by Catherine Kean order for
Knight's Persuasion
by Catherine Kean
Order:  USA  Can
Medallion, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

In the year 1213, Lord Geoffrey de Lanceau of Moydenshire sends his son Edouard on a mission, as he is in ill health and cannot himself make the journey. Edouard finds a young woman left for dead in a river. He soon discovers it is Juliana de Greyne, with whom he had fallen in love. The two sires of the young couple wanted a union by marriage to build a stronger legion of men to fight King John, if necessary. The relationship ended however, when a foolish wager involving a kiss backfired and left Edouard betrothed to Juliana's younger, sly sister Nara. Now Edouard must take Juliana to a healer. They proceed to Waddesford Keep.

After the death of her dear mother, and with her relationship with Edouard over, Juliana left Sherstowe Keep for Waddesford Keep, where she became lady in waiting to her good friend Mayda. When Mayda delivered a beautiful baby girl, she confided to Juliana that her husband Landon wanted a son and she feared for her life as well as the baby. It seemed Mayda's marriage was not as strong as everyone believed and Juliana became concerned when she found Veronique Desjardin and her son Tye guests at the Keep. The scheming Veronique told everyone that her son Tye was the illegitimate son of Lord Geoffrey de Lanceau. After witnessing a terrible tragedy, Juliana knew it was time to take the baby and seek help.

Upon their arrival at Waddesford Keep, enemies are waiting for Edouard and his men. Edouard and Juliana are quickly shackled and taken to the tower room of the castle. Suffering severe amnesia, Juliana cannot remember who tried to kill her or why. Edouard plots an escape so that he can complete his sire's mission, all the while fighting to keep Juliana safe, and trying to convince her in an honourable fashion that they truly belong together. A Knight's Persuasion is action packed and grabs the attention on the very first page. Filled with a cast of strong characters, it is the fourth book in The Knight's series. It is Catherine Kean at her best and a must read.

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