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Farm Fatale: A Comedy of Country Manors    by Wendy Holden order for
Farm Fatale
by Wendy Holden
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Rosie has always dreamed of a country cottage. She is tired of the noise, and hustle and bustle of city life in London. She is a children's book illustrator, and her boyfriend Mark is a freelance writer. Mark loves the city and refuses to move. When he lands his own column for a newspaper however, they decide to make the big move to the country as Mark will be writing about the new trend of country life. Both can work from home and they will not have to travel into the city on a regular basis.

Samantha, an aging movie star, and her financier husband Guy are also looking to move to the country. Guy hates the country as much as Mark but will do anything to appease Samantha. They are looking for a mansion with all the comforts of home, where Samantha can redecorate to her own taste.

Both couples find their dream home in the small village of Eight Mile Bottom. Samantha and Guy purchase a stately mansion complete with ghosts - though they don't know this until they move in and Guy begins to see and hear things in the hallways at night. Rosie and Mark buy a little cottage that needs alot of work. But they plan to repair it as soon as they can afford to do so.

Eight Mile Bottom is anything but quiet. The postman knows everyone and all their business. He delivers the mail (after reading it of course) and stays for tea and biscuits, sharing all the gossip. Rosie befriends the elderly couple next door and they try to set her up with their nephew Jack, a farmer with an attitude. The hippie couple down the street, with all the children, constant interrupt Mark's writing until he develops writer's block. When Samantha and Guy host a party, Rosie meets a reclusive rock star who lives in the village. Mark is impressed by Samantha's connections and is hoping to reap good material for his column.

Farm Fatale is full of humour and wit. The little village comes alive with its quirky characters and romantic entanglements. It is city versus country to the entertaining end.

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