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Young, Restless and Broke    by Blossom Kan & Michelle Yu order for
Young, Restless and Broke
by Blossom Kan
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Sarah Cho is twenty four years old, single, and living in New York City. To pay her bills she works two jobs, bartending and flipping burgers. She dreams of becoming a soap star but her family does not support her. Her friends are always telling Sarah she can make it happen with a little hard work. Sarah's family is very close and her mother is controlling with her girls. Sarah's sisters have careers in banking and pharmaceuticals, and the family want better for Sarah.

Sarah meets Daniel Wong, a producer for a soap. They instantly connect and Daniel invites Sarah to Los Angeles to attend the twenty fifth anniversary party for his series. Sarah attends the party and is star struck as she meets actresses and agents. She is promised a few auditions if she plans on living in LA. She can't wait to get back to New York City and tell her friends about the opportunity she has been given.

Sarah makes the decision to move to the West coast and pursue an acting career. She meets opposition from her family, and before she knows what is happening, tells them she has already accepted a job on a current running soap. Daniel has been very helpful organizing an apartment for Sarah until she can find something permanent. But Sarah soon discovers how difficult it is to leave family, friends, and all things familiar, to take a chance on her dreams. Once again she is pounding the pavement for auditions, hoping to make her parents proud.

Young, Restless and Broke is a funny, fast paced look at a young woman doing what it takes to land the job of her dreams. Nothing goes as planned, and Sarah discovers she has to stay true to herself.

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