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Pieces of Sky    by Kaki Warner order for
Pieces of Sky
by Kaki Warner
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2010 (2010)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Jessica Thornton flees her comfortable life in England after her greedy brother-in-law commits an unspeakable act against her, his revenge for her not signing over her property to pay off his staggering gambling debts. Pregnant with his child and terrified that he will track her down to exact further vengeance against her and her baby, she heads to America to find her adventure-seeking brother and open a millinery shop. But a stagecoach accident in the wilds of New Mexico Territory takes her life onto an entirely new and unexpected path.

When fellow passenger and local rancher Brady Wilkins offers Jessica shelter at his sprawling ranch, she cannot refuse - not if she wants her baby to survive. Confined to bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, Jessica soon learns what real passion is all about. And though the English beauty Brady rescues might alternately confound, annoy and amuse him, he knows that she's the love of his life. But can he ask her to leave behind everything she knows to face a life filled with uncertainty and ongoing hardships - and the violent culmination of a blood feud that could well cost Jessica her life?

Lovers of well-written historical westerns will agree that Kaki Warner's star is on the rise. She's taken numerous clichés and imbued them with her own style and imagination, as well as created an engaging storyline; most especially she's created two wonderful leads you'll want to meet again in the upcoming sequels.

Warner also has a real knack for bringing the beautiful, sprawling but often deadly New Mexico territory of the 1870's to breathtaking life. Treat yourself to Pieces of Sky, the first chapter in the Blood Rose trilogy - you won't come up for air until you turn the last page of this sprawling, action-packed and passionate story.

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