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Cottage by the Sea
by Ciji Ware
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2010 (2010)

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Blythe Barton Stowe has just gone through a very highly publicized divorce. It has ended her career and taken away her self esteem. In Hollywood your life is an open book, and when her husband, the famous Christopher Stowe, had an affair with her sister, she was at her lowest. To escape the pain and humiliation, Blythe decides to go to England to the Cornwall coast, to the cottage that has been in the family for years.

The owner of the manor house, Lucas Teague, is very handsome and Blythe is attracted to him immediately. She has the feeling she has met him before, but knows that is not so. Lucas is shy and withdrawn after the loss of his young wife. He was left to raise his son Richard on his own, but overwhelmed with grief, he cannot seem to connect with the young boy who was so close to his mother. On Blythe's arrival, Richard finds an easy companionship with her, and both father and son look to her for guidance.

Lucas has confided to Blythe that he is financially strapped and finds trying to save the old ancestral home a burden. He is seriously thinking of selling. Blythe approaches Lucas with the idea of starting a landscape business on the beautiful grounds and opening up the old home for guided tours. The house is filled with art and antiques from the past that should be shared with the public.

When Blythe is in the manor house, she feels a strong connection to her ancestors of long ago, and when she touches a glass enclosed parchment of the family tree, she goes back in time to past events involving the Barton and Teague families. She appears to be living a tragedy from the past that happened over two hundred years ago. She feels she is the first Blythe Barton, her namesake.

Cottage by the Sea is a story of love and time travel. Blythe steps back into the past and discovers family secrets that have been hidden, leaving her with the truth of the past to change the future.

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