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Wedding Season    by Katie Fforde order for
Wedding Season
by Katie Fforde
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Sarah is a wedding planner. She is good at her job and is in high demand. Through her business, she has met and become good friends with Elsa and Bron. They know Sarah's secret - she does not believe in love. After having her heart broken she feels safer if she is organizing other women's weddings.

Sarah has agreed to take on two weddings for the same day. One is for Carrie Condy, a US movie star, and the other is for her younger, pregnant, sister Lily. Carrie is a delight to work with, while Lily demands the best on a small budget. Hugo, the handsome photographer who works with Sarah, finds her beautiful and is determined to win her over. Sarah is just as determined not to fall for his charm.

Elsa is a talented dress designer but is very shy. She likes to stay in the background while everyone focuses on the bride. While a bridesmaid herself, Elsa meets charming Laurence, who sees Elsa's full potential. He gradually persuades Elsa to leave her comfort zone and experiment with life. To everyone's surprise, a new, more confident Elsa emerges.

Bron is a hairdresser and makeup artist who loves her work. She is living with Roger who is very controlling. When she discovers Roger's infidelity she leaves and doesn't look back. Living on her own and starting a new business is scary but her new neighbour James gives her moral support. He is great company and very considerate but does she want to get involved so soon after leaving Roger?

Sarah, Elsa and Bron have no time for love, but fate has a way of taking over. With two weddings to bring to a finale, the women learn the value of team work and friendship. Wedding Season takes a funny, lighthearted look at love.

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