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Beautiful People
by Wendy Holden
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Beautiful People is a funny, entertaining novel that will keep you turning the pages. It is a story of a group of people, whose lives all intertwine without their knowledge, proving that some things are best left to fate.

Darcy is a struggling actress in London, trying to make it big. She is working in the theater and is surprised when a call comes in from LA for a role in the upcoming movie, Galaxia, starring Hollywood hottie Christian Harlow. Darcy debates whether she should take the role as she would have to leave her boyfriend Nialls behind. After talking to her agent and Nialls, she decides to leave for LA and pursue her dreams.

Belle is an actress on her way out. She was once a star, but now her ratings have dropped. With her plastic looks, size zero body, and bad temper, no one wants to sign her up. Belle knows there is competition on the horizon and she will do anything to land a role. In fact she wants to star with her boyfriend Christian in the new movie Galaxia. Belle is so desperate to improve her ratings that she plans on adopting a baby from Africa, even though she doesn't like children.

Emma is a young, down to earth nanny who left her small hometown to move to London. She was employed by a family to care for their two small children, Hero and Cosmo. Emma adored the children and they thrived under her care and guidance. When Emma was suddenly let go after her employer found drugs in her room, she knew she had been set up, but why and by whom??? Emma finds a position working for Belle, the fading star, taking care of her infant. As much as Emma dislikes Belle's lifestyle she knows the baby needs her.

As the movie is set for production in Italy, the cast and crew head to Florence. Darcy finds herself questioning why she even took the role. She meets an interesting man, a local chef, but her heart is back in England with Nialls. But Nialls is not in England. He has flown to Italy to surprise Darcy, but has fallen under Belle's spell. Cosmo and Hero are vacationing in Florence with their new nanny, but she has abandoned them for seedy recreation. Emma is shocked when she finds the children playing in the streets of the city on their own.

Beautiful People has one movie and a cast of flawed characters - from London to LA to Italy, indiscretions abound, and you are in for a great escape.

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