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It Happened One Night
by Lisa Dale
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Lana Biel is horrified when she finds herself pregnant by a man who drops by every now and then when he is in town. The relationship seemed perfect until Lana discovered she was pregnant. She is not in love with the guy and it was a no-strings-attached relationship. It's a hard situation for Lana since she has always wanted to leave Vermont for travel and adventure. She had only intended to stay until her sister Karin and her husband started their own family.

Eli Ward has been Lana's best friend for ten years. Lana does not want to lose that but, given that Eli seems to be in love with her, she pushes him away a little. Though Eli wants more from Lana, he decides to be satisfied with friendship. When Eli meets someone else, Lana is intensely jealous but still won't admit that she is in love with him. She feels that she can't be a good mother or handle a relationship since she grew up with a father who didn't really care about her.

When Lana decides to give up her baby to her sister, who has been unable to get pregnant, Karin's husband is furious, feeling that Karin pressured Lana by making her feel she could not be a good mother. He decides to leave Karin. To make matters worse for the sisters, their father shows up to try to make amends for their bad childhoods. Lana is so confused at this point she doesn't know if she can give up the baby, commit to Eli, or forgive her father. But Eli stands by her hoping she will come to the right decisions.

It Happened One Night is a refreshing story about crossing the line from friendship to romance without losing the friendship. Lana is so afraid of losing Eli as a friend that she can't comprehend the possibility of more. Karin is so obsessed with having a child that she almost destroys her relationships with her husband and her sister. Lisa Dale's story captures readers in the first paragraph and carries them through an emotional storm.

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