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Love You To Death
by Shannon K. Butcher
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

As children, Elise and Ashley McBride always considered their single mom overprotective. After her death, Ashley throws herself wholeheartedly into cutting loose and having a good time as well as pursuing her artistic endeavours. Elise on the other hand embraces a more noble profession, that of a freelance journalist. Her hunt for important, humanistic stories has taken her around the world. Despite her busy schedule, however, she never fails to regularly check in with her flighty younger sister. But when days pass without any contact from Ashley, Elise drops everything and flies home to find out what's happened to her.

When ex-cop Trent Brady sees a stranger casing his neighbour's house in the wee hours, he's not about to wait for back-up. He's more than surprised when he learns that the burglar is Elise McBride, a woman he quickly labels as far too reckless for her own good and far too seductive for his. But just as quickly he realizes that same recklessness might be the only thing that will save Ashley's life. Elise's dogged search for answers soon confirms that her sister has been abducted by a serial killer, one who gruesomely mutilates his victims before ending their lives. Elise will do anything to find her sister, even set herself up as bait. Will the killer walk into her trap, or does he have his own agenda for the persistent beauty he now considers his perfect woman?

Butcher strays away from her military themed adventure stories to prove she's just as adept at creating crackerjack romantic suspense. She provides readers with an involving, nicely paced plot, a thoroughly sinister and remorseless villain and two complicated leads whose lives and romantic attraction you'll care about. Love You to Death is an intriguing romantic suspense that's sinister, steamy and thoroughly satisfying.

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