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Lucan: Pendragon Legacy Book 1    by Susan Kearney order for
by Susan Kearney
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

It's up to Lucan Roarke to find the mythical Holy Grail and return it to Earth before humans die out as a species. Rampant pollution has left the planet's entire population sterile and the Grail's purported healing quality is their only hope.

Masquerading as a linguist on the far away planet Pendragon, Lucan is certain he's found the prized artefact. But he and the other members of his research team have been unable to crack the code that will release the Grail from its impregnable resting place - and unfortunately time is running out. If continuing seismic tremors don't destroy the holy object, then Pendragon's military - also desperate to get their hands on the Grail - will blast their way in.

As healer and high priestess of the people of Pendragon, Lady Cael is destined to live a luxurious, yet emotionally barren life. She craves human touch and companionship, but these are forbidden her. Until mystery man Lucan Rourke barges into her domain and shows her what true passion is. But their strengthening bond is soon put to the test as they not only keep secrets from each other, but also face annihilation by those amongst Cael's people who would claim the Holy Grail for their own greedy ends.

Despite some choppy transitions and skimpy science surrounding Earth's global sterility, readers will nevertheless enjoy the fresh spin Kearney puts on Arthurian legend as the Pendragon descendants band together to thwart a sinister galactic enemy. Lucan is a fun and satisfying beginning to a sexy, exciting futuristic series.

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