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When a Man Loves a Weapon: A Bobbie Faye Novel    by Toni McGee Causey order for
When a Man Loves a Weapon
by Toni McGee Causey
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Now that Bobbie Faye and her shiny new FBI agent boyfriend, Trevor Cormier, have survived two crazy, dangerous adventures it makes sense that they get engaged, find a little private corner of paradise miles away from any trailer park, and start planning the next fifty years together. But unfortunately their quiet interlude is ruined when the agency calls Trevor back to work early.

Since Bobbie Faye is still dealing with the emotional and physical backlash of her encounter with maniacal Sean MacGreggor, Trevor isn't about to leave her home alone. The fact that the terrorist escaped custody and is gunning for them both only exacerbates Trevor's need to be extra vigilant about the welfare of the woman he can't live without. But his plan to call in an old Special Forces sniper buddy to babysit Bobbie Faye backfires badly. Things get even uglier when various agencies stonewall Bobbie Faye about Trevor's whereabouts after he's days late coming home. Is he dead? Injured? Captive? Bobbie Faye won't let anything or anyone stand in her way of finding her man, even Sean Macgregor himself, who's just as desperate to destroy the two people who brought him down.

Despite the non-stop action and frequent life and death situations in this latest wild ride, Causey manages to add even more layers to Bobbie Faye and Trevor. In him especially the author has created a character who's not only a formidable action hero, but also a man who's able to reach deep inside himself to examine his love for Bobbie Faye and then vocalise his feelings to the woman for whom he'd willingly lay down his life. But he's by no means perfect (just ask Bobbie Faye) which makes him even more likeable.

Their romance and the race to stop MacGreggor are meaty enough to keep you hooked, but Causey piles on even more fun and excitement as Bobbie Faye's highly eccentric friends and relatives ride to the rescue to help. Then there's the nicely timed revelation of Trevor's own strained relationship with his mega-wealthy family, most especially with his scary, ultra-controlling mother. This, and other new and intriguing plot twists ensure that Bobbie Faye fans will be seeing more of their favorite caustic-tongued, one woman demolition derby - and loving every crazy, thrilling, page-turning minute of it.

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