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Show No Fear
by Marliss Melton
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Lucy Donovan is a crack CIA agent who refuses to let anything stand in her way - most especially a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder exacerbated by a South American assignment gone bad. Months pass before she's finally allowed off desk duty. Lucy is thrilled until she discovers who her partner is. She and Navy SEAL Gus Atwater have a history, one that she can't risk re-kindling.

As far as Gus is concerned, Lucy has no business participating in this new assignment. He's certain she's still suffering from PTSD, but won't admit it to anyone, especially herself. Yet despite his misgivings it's too late to change plans - the lives of UN aid workers are at stake. Once Lucy and Gus are deep in the jungles of Venezuela there's no turning back and no turning away from Gus, who's determined to have Lucy back in his life. But once they engage the guerrilla army holding the hostages, and Lucy is recognised for who she really is, all bets are off - she and Gus might not make it out of the jungle alive.

Show No Fear, 7th in Melton's popular SEAL series, is filled with action and stars two strong willed characters in Lucy and Gus. The author does a nice job presenting Gus as the old love interest, as well as the calming influence in Lucy's continuing struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. Even so their re-kindled romance seems one-sided and forced at times. Melton also does a commendable job of bringing the reality of PTSD to light. Unfortunately, Lucy's defensiveness and her tendency to take reckless and often foolish risks didn't always endear her to this reviewer. Even so, there's enough to like about the story to keep readers the turning pages.

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