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Millie's Fling
by Jill Mansell
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2009 (2001)

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Millie Brady is parked on a scenic overlook with her boyfriend Neil when she suddenly realizes he is going to propose. Millie thinks this cannot be happening to her. After all they have only been dating for three months. At twenty-five, Millie thinks there must be more to life than this. As if her prayers have been answered, Millie sees a woman attempting to jump over the cliff and she takes off to help her, leaving Neil alone and upset.

The woman about to jump is Orla Hart, a well known romance novelist. After talking to Millie about her troubles she is so grateful that she decides to write her next book about Millie. Orla invites Millie to spend the summer in Cornwall so she can begin her work on the book. Millie looks forward to a quiet summer without dating. Neil has just dumped her and now she is free. Orla has other plans however, and decides she is going to find Millie the man of her dreams. They soon find out that they have different ideas of what a dream man should be.

As Orla begins her book Millie questions whether her boring life will be exciting or steamy enough for readers. She relates to Orla funny stories of her family and friends, and Orla secretly schemes to add excitement to the pages. What follows is a hilarious, laugh out loud read as signals get crossed, opportunities are missed, and Millie even takes on a job as a roller-skating gorrillagram. Orla doesn't realize that Millie deliberately didn't tell her the juiciest piece of gossip that could add to the book. Millie is funny and quirky and her best friend Hester adds to the plot. Will Orla find Millie a real life dream man or just another character for her book?

Millie's Fling is funny and witty and transports readers to the English countryside. This is one of Mansell's best.

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