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So Into You
by Sandra Hill
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Gracie O'Brien has been a nun, a poker champion, a treasure hunter with Jinx Inc., and is learning folk medicine from her mentor, Tante Lulu. What she's not prepared to be is the romantic interest of her hunky best friend Angel Sabato. After she snubs his sudden heartfelt overtures of love, Angel realises he can't stay in Louisiana and heads to Europe where he marries on the rebound. Gracie is shocked at the news, but figures it's for the best - she isn't willing to reveal her 'deep dark secret' to anyone.

Gracie throws herself even deeper into learning the ins and outs of folk medicine as well as helping Tante Lulu rescue orphaned siblings who lost everything when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Homeless and assiduously trying to avoid social services and the dark abyss of the foster care system, the orphans are loathe to trust anyone. But with Tante Lulu, Grace and then Angel working in their corner and determined to build them a new house, their mistrust gradually melts. Gracie isn't pleased that she's being forced to spend long hours with the newly divorced Angel. But she's not about to abandon the kids, which puts her right back in Angel's romantic sights - he's determined to win her love the second time around.

Hill is back with another of her interlinked bayou adventures filled with nice dashes of humour and plenty of eccentric characters - especially the aging but determined Tante Lulu who uses her agreement with St. Jude to do good deeds and play matchmaker for lovelorn couples who can't see what's right in front of their eyes. Hill sometimes pushes the limits of credibility, particularly with Gracie's deep dark secret, which inevitably is a shaky plot device once revealed. Despite this weak link, So Into You is a quick, enjoyable and often steamy romance that's got perfect beach read written all over it.

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