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Charmed and Dangerous: A Bobby Faye Novel    by Toni McGee Causey order for
Charmed and Dangerous
by Toni McGee Causey
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2009 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Bobby Faye Sumrall knows she's in for a very bad day when her washing machine floods her decrepit trailer to the point where it begins listing dangerously. She doesn't know who she's more furious with - her neighbours for starting a betting pool to see how this latest 'Bobby Faye disaster' will shake out or her no-account brother Roy for not fixing her washing machine when he was supposed to. She's ready to kick his butt around the trailer court a couple of times - if only she could find him. She's horrified to discover that he's been kidnapped and that if she doesn't deliver her late mother's prized tiara as ransom, Roy will be a dead man.

Now instead of wanting to murder Roy, Bobby Faye places his kidnappers at the top of her personal hit list. Nobody messes with her family and gets away with it. But first she needs to retrieve the tiara, which is a revered family heirloom stashed in a safety deposit box at the local bank. Unfortunately others also have their eye on the precious property. Before Bobby Faye can say Lake Charles Contraband Days Festival she's being blamed for bank robbery and carjacking and is on the run with a sexy hostage named Trevor in his shiny red muscle truck, with half of Louisiana's police force (not to mention the FBI) hot on their trail. Bobby Faye doesn't have time to worry about this latest turn of events. Her main concern is rescuing Roy before his kidnappers' time limit runs out. No perilous swamp creatures, bottomless mine shafts, exploding oil rigs, flying bullets, dangerous gunrunners - or even a sexy bad boy named Trevor - will distract her from getting the job done.

Some readers might find this mile-a-minute plotline hard to swallow as trouble magnet Bobbie Faye barely takes a breath before getting herself caught up in yet another life-threatening fix. But Causey's breezy style, her ear for regional Louisiana dialogue, and her dead on portrayals of some of the most eccentric characters you'll ever meet, more than compensate. Part screwball comedy, part rip-roaring adventure, and part hot romance - as mysterious hostage Trevor finds himself falling hard for this exasperating, but deadly determined woman who'll likely get him killed before they ever get around to having their first date - Charmed and Dangerous is a wild ride of a read you don't want to miss.

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