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Ms. Taken Identity    by Dan Begley order for
Ms. Taken Identity
by Dan Begley
Order:  USA  Can
5 Spot, 2009 (2009)

* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Mitch Samuel has written a fictional masterpiece, but he can't find anyone who will publish it. By chance, Mitch is in a bookstore when Katherine Longwell's new book comes out. He takes a copy home and analyzes it. Later at Starbucks he looks up and there she is, Katherine Longwell. She sees he has her book and sits down to talk. He tells her his fictional cousin is writing a book and Katherine agrees to look at it when it's finished. Now he has to write it.

Women's fiction looked easy to Mitch until he tries to write it. The truth is, he doesn't know that much about women. His girlfriend kicked him out and he doesn't even blame her. He did forget to pick her up from the airport, not something a man in love would do.

His friend suggests he take dance lessons where his own sister goes, in order to find out what women think and how they act when they're together. Mitch turns the advice over in his head and goes to the dance studio as Jason Gallagher without telling his friend. The dance group is just what he needs to write his book so he continues to attend, falling for Marie, his buddy's sister. Only now it's too late to mention why he is there, or that he knows her brother.

This is a pretty standard romance plot, but Begley has fun with it and makes it fun for readers too.

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