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Ashes of Midnight: Midnight Breed #6    by Lara Adrian order for
Ashes of Midnight
by Lara Adrian
Order:  USA  Can
Dell, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Andreas Reichen has sworn that nothing will stand in the way of the complete destruction of those responsible for the slaughter of his loved ones. Ever since Wilhelm Roth's corrupt Enforcement Agency henchmen carried out their deadly assault on Reichen's Hamburg Darkhaven, his every waking moment has been ruled by unrelenting rage. As a result, he's been unable to control his pyrokinetic talent, the singular and deadly part of his Breed physiology that he's kept tightly suppressed for many years. Reichen however, no longer cares who is caught up in the crossfire of his deadly talent as he crosses continents and oceans to exact his revenge against Roth.

Claire Roth is shocked when she discovers that the vampire warrior who's incinerated most of her Breed staff and reduced her country estate to ashes is her onetime lover, Andreas Reichen. Three decades before he'd abruptly vanished from her life and left her heartbroken. When Wilhelm Roth had offered her sanctuary within his Berlin Darkhaven and then pressed her to become his Breedmate, she'd accepted on the condition she be allowed to dedicate herself to philanthropic pursuits. She has never involved herself with her powerful husband's political affiliations or some of his more questionable business pursuits. Claire is not surprised when she learns that Wilhelm is a cold-blooded killer, yet she refuses to become Reichen's pawn to lure Roth out of hiding. Unfortunately, she cannot escape Andreas's savage fury or her own hunger for the only man she has ever loved.

Too many paranormal series tend to lose steam after their second or third instalment. Not so with Adrian's Midnight Breed. Each book is more intense and character rich than the last and Ashes of Midnight is no exception. Adrian does a particularly good job in describing Reichen's dual emotional torments: the loss of his family to a murderous enemy's whims and his stark acceptance of the knowledge that to fully unleash his formidable talent is to guarantee his own destruction. Characters from most of the past books are on hand as the warrior Order and their Breedmates work together to head off Dragos's diabolical plans to put the Breed back on top of the food chain and relegate humans to their natural prey.

Ashes of Midnight offers another crackling plotline filled with unexpected twists, blazing action, and a constantly evolving mythology as well as a fiery romance between Andreas and Claire, making it an absolutely must read for paranormal fans!

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