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One Scream Away    by Kate Brady order for
One Scream Away
by Kate Brady
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Close to a decade has passed since Beth Denison was victimized by a killer named Chevy Bankes. After his crimes eventually landed him in prison she hoped that by moving herself and her young daughter halfway across the country, she'd be able to put her horrific past behind her. But Bankes isn't about to let Beth forget that she was the only one who ever fought back and got away from him. She needs to pay and he's used his years behind bars to plan his revenge to the finest detail. Once he's paroled, his first order of business is letting Beth know that he's coming for her.

Initially, ex-FBI agent Neil Sheridan wants nothing to do with the investigation into a series of murders involving the brutal, cross country slayings of young women. But once he learns that the killings are disturbingly similar to the case that ended his career, he agrees to act as a consultant. His investigations soon lead him to Beth Denison, a haunted young woman who, Neil is certain, harbours a mountain of secrets. The situation becomes more complicated as Neil finds himself drawn to Beth and her precocious daughter. Despite Neil and the FBI's best efforts, however, Bankes' relentless quest for revenge escalates and his body count continues to rise. Beth soon realizes that the only way to end the carnage, and to protect her darkest and most precious secret, is to confront Bankes alone and end his killing spree - or die trying.

One Scream Away has it all: rich, multilayered characterizations, both in the leads and secondaries; a harrowing, serpentine plot; and a diabolical and cunning villain in Chevy Bankes. Despite the relentless pacing, the sexual tension between Neil and Beth absolutely smoulders. Often, with only a few words, or a quick, heated glance, Brady manages to wring out Neil and Beth's deepest emotions. While both carry their share of horrific personal baggage, Neil is by far the character who dominates the story. He forces himself to crawl out of his own dark place and makes it his personal mission to gain Beth's shattered trust and convince her that she doesn't have to face the horror alone.

One Scream Away is Kate Brady's debut novel. She brings a fresh and incredibly skilled voice to the romantic suspense genre and is an author on the fast track to the top.

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