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How to Score    by Robin Wells order for
How to Score
by Robin Wells
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Museum curator Sammi Matthews needs dating crisis intervention in a big way - ever since breaking up with her last boyfriend, whom she'd caught cheating, she's scared off any and all new prospects. Not because the men weren't interested in her, but because she'd landed them all in the hospital.

Sammi's solution? Telephone sessions with life coach Luke Jones, who's giving her some great tips on how to overcome her klutziness. Too bad that she hasn't figured out that it's Luke's brother, FBI agent Chase Jones, who's been offering all the good advice. Why is Chase masquerading as Luke? Well, Luke had to be whisked into witness protection after witnessing a mob hit while picking up a pizza. So to protect Luke and make sure the case against the hit man goes to trial, Chase steps in. Offering a bunch of whiny losers touchy feely advice a few evenings a week isn't exactly his cup of tea - he'd rather just tell them all to grow a pair. But so far, he's managed to restrain himself.

Restraint is rather tough though, when he starts his phone sessions with Sammi. Her dark and sultry voice really does a number on Chase and while he knows it's unprofessional, he figures out a way to see Sammi. But from the moment they meet while jogging it's one disaster after another. Sammi is mortified and Chase wonders if he's lost his mind. His brain might be telling him to run the other way but his heart is telling him that he's met the woman of his dreams and that he needs to keep her in his life at any cost. But when Sammi discovers that he's been lying to her, all bets might be off.

Robins Wells has crafted a fun, sexy and enjoyable story in How To Score. The most amusing moments are when practical, straight-laced Chase is on the phone doling out advice to several of his clients, especially Horace, the 45-year-old mamma's boy who's unable to garner enough courage to leave the nest. Add an unruly behemoth of a dog, a little bit of mobster mayhem and How To Score will keep you reading - and chuckling - until the final page.

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