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Harbor Lights: Chesapeake Shores    by Sherryl Woods order for
Harbor Lights
by Sherryl Woods
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Kevin O'Brien is leaving his life in Arlington, Virginia and bringing his young son Davey back to his hometown of Chesapeake Shores. Kevin's wife Georgia was serving in the army as a medic in Iraq, where she lost her life. Kevin himself had served two tours of duty, and has seen his share of death and violence.

Back at home, surrounded by a large, close knit family, Kevin is still struggling to move on with his life. He hurts for his young son who will never remember his mother. Kevin's parents divorced when he was a young teen and he still has his own issues with a mother who abandoned her children.

Shanna Carlyle is new to Chesapeake Shores. She has just gone through a messy divorce and had to leave her young stepson, whom she adores. She has opened a bookstore on Main Street and is slowly getting to know the people in the community. When Kevin and young Davey come into the shop, Shanna knows at a glance that Kevin is a wounded soul. A friendship begins to build between them and each is attracted to the other. Kevin feels guilty because it seems too soon after the death of his wife and Shanna is still trying to put closure on her destroyed marriage.

Once the O'Brien clan take notice of the attraction between Shanna and Kevin, there is no stopping their well intentioned meddling. Shanna has not told Kevin the full details of her past, and when her stepson Henry shows up in town, Kevin assumes Shanna is just another mother who has walked away from her responsibilities. Will Kevin and Shanna sort out their past in time to enjoy a future together? Harbor Lights, the story of lost love, new love, and the love of family, is a very heartwarming read.

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