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Eternal Moon
by Rebecca York
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Private Investigator Renata Cordona has temporarily taken on the role of a realtor to catch a killer who's already murdered three women. While waiting for the prospective client to show, she's confronted by a pack of wild dogs. As they are about to attack, a large wolf materializes and scares them off. As Renata stares down the wolf, she realises she should be terrified for her life, but for some reason, the creature instills trust, not terror. Then, just as suddenly, the wolf is gone. A few moments later, Jacob Marshal strolls out of the forest and introduces himself as her neighbour. An ages-old recognition passes between them and they realise they're life mates.

Renata has no intention of becoming romantically entangled ever again - all of her past lovers had died because of her. Jacob might be her destiny but she isn't about to risk his life. Jacob, on the other hand, has other ideas. His mission is to protect her from demons bent on their destruction. It's up to Jacob and his powerful werewolf alter ego and Renata, the reincarnation of an ancient goddess, to discover the secrets surrounding their past lives so they can save themselves, and mankind, from destruction all over again.

Readers like myself who haven't read at least a few of the previous books in this series might find York's storyline somewhat confusing. She pops back and forth between numerous points of view including the leads' present and past personas, as well as those of their nemeses that have been tasked to prevent the pair from fulfilling their destiny. Characters from past books also make an appearance and the inclusion of Renata's hunt for a serial killer, while part of the present time line storyline, only adds to an overly busy plot.

These numerous tangents often overshadow the leads' attempts to make sense of things in their present incarnation as well as their developing romance. Followers of York's complete series should embrace Eternal Moon - paranormal fans new to the series might be wise to start with the introductory book in the collection.

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