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Fire Me    by Libby Malin order for
Fire Me
by Libby Malin
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Anne Wyatt is ready to shed her job as communications expert at Burnham Inc., and move to bigger things on the West coast. She's finally realised that her boss, Mitch Burnham - corporate guru and author of countless self-improvement books - is nothing more than a self-absorbed jerk. She's wasted far too long dancing to his tune and hoping he'd really notice her rather than just taking her for granted. First thing on her agenda today is handing him her resignation.

But when Anne arrives at work, Mitch calls everyone in for a meeting to announce that shares are down. To ensure the continued growth of the company, someone has to go. Naturally, that someone would receive a very healthy severance. Suddenly Anne isn't in such a big hurry to make her announcement. No, she figures Mitch owes her that nice severance and she intends to get it.

Anne sets aside her good girl persona and begins creating a little office mayhem - from salting the coffee to accidentally releasing a less than truthful press release. That's when the hi-jinks start. A couple of her colleagues also want to get themselves fired, including Ken, the graphic designer over in the next cubicle whom Anne's hardly given a second glance.

Ken has certainly noticed Anne; in fact, he's spent a lot of time sketching her, even though it's clear which way the wind blows with her. She's always had a thing for their annoying boss. Not that Ken's feelings for Anne matter any more. He wants out of the corporate gig in a big way. Sure, the money might be great but his heart just isn't in it. So why not take the rap for a few of the incidents around the office and get himself fired?

Libby Malin has written a funny and often charming story about life - and love - in an office setting. It's great fun watching Anne shed her inhibitions as she schemes to get that severance package she plans to use to cushion her new career. When Ken interferes in her plans, and they eventually figure out their real feelings, both have to decide which dreams are more important. Whether you work in an office setting or not, Fire Me is a clever and perceptive story you won't want to miss.

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