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Wild Highland Magic    by Kendra Leigh Castle order for
Wild Highland Magic
by Kendra Leigh Castle
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Catriona MacInnes and her sisters, Skye and Poppy, are denied knowledge of their true natures after their father turns his back on his werewolf heritage and immigrates to America. As the sisters discover their real natures they desperately try to understand and control their powers and pretend to be normal, something that's becoming harder to do with each passing day - and without much help from their tight-lipped father. It's not until they return home to the Scottish Highlands and meet the rest of their far-flung clan at the annual MacInnes Pack gathering that Cat and her sisters realize exactly what they've been denied.

Bastien an Morgaine is the last of his kind and on a desperate mission to find release from a curse that could kill him. Only the blood of a dragon will lift the curse, but the only one who might be Bastien's salvation is his sworn enemy and lies at death's door after a long captivity amongst the foul Daemons, the very creatures who've doomed Bastien. He has no time for fun and games, and least of all romance, but when Cat unwittingly binds him to her, they become targets of the dark and hungry daemons that have come hunting both their souls.

Castle concludes her engaging and imaginative paranormal series on a definite high note in Wild Highland Magic. Bastien and Catriona are a lively pairing: Bastien as the powerful wizard prince who will do whatever is necessary to protect his family and friends, but whose own dark heritage, as well as his heart, he keeps closely guarded. The spirited Catriona on the other hand, has only just learned that she's part of an ancient and powerful werewolf clan when she accidentally mates herself to Bastien. It's fun to watch the fireworks fly as they come to terms with the consequences and the new dangers that surround them.

The second half of the story seemed a bit rushed, though, as if Castle was trying to tie up various loose ends. That seemed particularly true in Poppy and Lucien Andrakkar's pairing. The romance between the young healer and the snarky, bad-boy dragon who caused everyone so much trouble in Call of the Highland Moon, is certainly an entertaining secondary romance, but would have been far more satisfying had the pair been showcased in a story of their own.

Even so, Wild Highland Magic is another standout paranormal romance by Kendra Leigh Castle, an author who's put her own fresh and entertaining perspective on werewolf lore.

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