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The Inn at Eagle Point    by Sherryl Woods order for
Inn at Eagle Point
by Sherryl Woods
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Abby O'Brien comes back to Chesapeake Shores when her sister Jess pleads for help. Abby has always been the one to take care of her siblings. When she arrives she finds that the Inn that Jess bought is in danger of going into foreclosure - Jess has ADHD and lost sight of paying the bills.

Abby heads off to a meeting at the local bank only to encounter Trace Riley, the man she left ten years ago when she headed off to New York to become a Wall Street Whiz. Trace will be the loan officer in charge of the Inn. He makes conditions that Abby continue to be involved - which means she can't go back to New York. Abby is angry that Trace added that condition but she wants Jess to succeed so she agrees. She gets the Inn into good financial shape - but not without having to watch Jess's spending on new décor for the place.

Trace is here against his will because he agreed to work at the bank for six months, to prove to his father that he is not the one to take over the bank when he retires. Trace has never got over Abby and he is not about to let her slip through his fingers again. He lost her to Wes Winters but they have since divorced. Now that Trace has fallen in love with Chesapeake Shores again, can he convince Abby to stay and raise a family here with him?

The Inn at Eagle Point is another story filled with strong family values, family secrets and small town closeness. It opens a brand new series that will bring the O'Brien siblings back to Chesapeake Shores to deal with old hurts of their parents' divorce and their mother abandoning them. Sherryl Woods pens a masterful story that you will not want to miss. The next in the series is Flowers On Main and I can't wait to see what happens with Bree O'Brien.

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