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Dawn Keepers: Final Prophecy    by Jessica Andersen order for
Dawn Keepers
by Jessica Andersen
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Nate Blackhawk would rather return to his former life as CEO of his computer gaming company instead of continuing on what he believes is the doomed path of a Nightkeeper. He's been living by his own rules, not to mention choosing his own lovers, since his teens, and despite his magical bloodlines, has absolutely no intention of being drawn into the ridiculous concept of destiny. And while he might find fellow Nightkeeper Alexis Grey incredibly desirable, as proven by their short and blistering affair, that's as far as Nate wants to take their relationship. As soon as they located the artefacts needed to defeat the dark demons intent on destroying humankind, Nate's association with them, and with Alexis, was over.

Alexis Grey on the other hand, is thrilled with her new role as a Nightkeeper and is more than willing to embrace the future that the gods have foretold for her and Nate. That he refuses to acknowledge their mating is disappointing; how could he deny their incendiary attraction and the dreams that both have experienced that clearly show that they belong together? But Alex's time is short; a new enemy threatens the Nightkeepers, one who's determined to recover the seven magical statuettes that would allow him to fling wide the gates to a demonic underworld.

Andersen continues her complex world building and innovative plotting in this second instalment of her Final Prophecy series. She leads her warriors ever deeper into discovering their birthrights and the part each must play in their ultimate confrontation with the Mayan demons intent on destroying humankind. New nemesis Iago is a formidable opponent and his dark agenda bodes well for interesting plot twists as he tries persuading various key players - in particular troubled young warrior Rabbit - to embrace the dark side.

Unfortunately, Andersen's two leads are less engaging in this instalment. Nathan and Alex spend far too much time over-analyzing their shaky relationship: Nate's refusal to accept the concept of destiny becomes tiresome, as do Alex's constant lamentations about a future without the man the gods have chosen as her destined mate. Even so, Dawn Keepers will draw readers into the dark and violent world of the Nightkeepers as they continue their life-and-death quest to stop the end of days.

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