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by Jordan Summers
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Tor, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Gina Santiago is the lone female member of an elite tactical team tasked to go after the most fearsome criminals who are running loose in a post apocalyptic world where murder is rare. When the mauled bodies of several young women are discovered, officials think they're merely unfortunate animal attacks. Gina, however, does some investigating of her own that soon sees her following her suspect to the dusty and isolated little Arizona town of Nuria.

She butts heads with the local sheriff and Alpha werewolf, Morgan Hunter, who, as far as Gina is concerned, is far too protective of his citizens. Locking horns with Hunter, however, kicks up Gina's libido and soon the pair are not only trying to track down a brutal and unrelenting killer, but also engaged in a fiery affair. Lurking in the background is their prey who's making plans to take down his next victim - the nosy, out-of-town cop whose snooping is coming dangerously close to exposing his perfect little game of murder.

Summers has created an interesting mythology, one loosely based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. This heroine's futuristic world however, is torn apart by war and civil strife. The author does a nice job in describing the destruction and barren wastelands surrounding the isolated town of Nuria. Gina's first person point of view is also engaging: she's a no-nonsense, kick-butt heroine known for shooting first and asking questions later, thus her nickname Red. There are plenty of hot love scenes between Morgan and Gina as well as a cast of interesting secondaries.

Summers tries a little too hard in keeping her killer's identity a secret however - his frequent 3rd person expositions make it easily identifiable. Overall, though, Morgan Summers creates an intriguing world and cast of characters that bode well for future instalments.

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