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Kisses Like A Devil
by Diane Whiteside
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

The year is 1900 and handsome and wealthy Brian Donovan is a very successful young man. Teddy Roosevelt was his former military commander when he was in the Rough Riders. Now, as a favour to Teddy, Brian is going to the European country of Eisengau to investigate a new and very powerful weapon that might be beneficial to the American army. The trip could be very dangerous as many countries including Russia will have representatives there to bid on the new weapon.

In Eisengau, Meredith Duncan has worked for four years at the foundry where the weapons are made, for Colonel Zorndoff. She has stolen the plans for the powerful new cannon that will be on display for the world to see at the armour sale. She wants to use the plans as a bargaining tool to improve conditions for the working class. Meredith is a courageous idealist who fights for her beliefs to make things better for the workers. She has just attended a meeting where she learned that Russian agent Sazanov wants the weapon, but she feels Russia would misuse it.

At a local pub, Meredith and her friends hold a rally but trouble soon erupts and the police are called in to settle the disturbance. Brian Donovan is at the pub and has noticed this beautiful, take-charge woman who is now trying to flee the police. He comes to her rescue and takes her to a local hotel where they meet her mother and stepfather. Introductions are made and soon they whisk Meredith home where they inform her that she will be married to her boss, Colonel Zorndoff. Shocked by the news, Meredith reminds them of Zorndoff's reputation of beating his women. After arguing with them, Meredith flees to ask Brian for his protection and proposes that he engage in an affair with her, so the wedding will not take place.

Brian is only too happy to oblige, but days later he finds himself falling in love with Meredith. He asks for her hand in marriage but Meredith does not want to be controlled by a man, even one who leaves her wanting more. As all the representatives arrive for the armour sale, the Russian agent learns that Meredith has the plans for the new cannon. He will do anything to get them and Brian and Meredith are drawn into a deadly cat and mouse game. Kisses Like A Devil will transport you to another era in time, when men fought chivalrously for their women.

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