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Wife Goes On
by Leslie Lehr
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2008 (2008)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Many women are club members, whether it be in a health club or a knitting club, or even a reading club. In Wife Goes On, four women became members of a club that no one wanted to join. They met in a furniture store, where one worked and the other three were shopping for new pieces to add to their lives. They vary in age and backgrounds but all are dealing with the side effects of divorce.

Diane is just turning forty with two young teenagers. She has left her gambling husband after he forced them into bankruptcy. She has moved herself and the children into a small two bedroom apartment, which will be a big adjustment for them as they were used to living in a big beautiful home. Now Diane must find a way to earn a living and support them. Lana, the former wife of a Hollywood actor, has undergone a very public break up. She has left behind the glitz and glamorous lifestyle, and is working in a furniture store, using a different name, hoping she will not be recognized.

Bonnie is a sweet young mother of two small children. She was the homecoming queen who married the football star from high school. Now Buck is overweight and overbearing and his bursts of abuse have forced Bonnie to serve him with a restraining order. Annette is the hard driven divorce lawyer who has seen and heard it all. She fell in love with her artist husband Jackson, but after years of marriage did not know he was keeping a secret from her. She has turned away from love and finds it difficult to trust men.

After meeting in the furniture store where Lana is employed, the four women begin to share their heartaches with each other and build a friendship together. Diane learns that Annette is now the new owner of her dream home, and, unable to cope with what life has thrown at her, Bonnie has a meltdown on the showcase floor. Wife Goes On is a funny, insightful story. All four women are vulnerable but resourceful and they soon realize that with help and support from each other, Wife Goes On.

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