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To Seduce a Sinner: The Legend of the Four Soldiers    by Elizabeth Hoyt order for
To Seduce a Sinner
by Elizabeth Hoyt
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Lord Jasper Vale is ready to get married when his fiancée tells him that she loves another man. After he frees her from her promise to wed him, he wonders if he will ever get married. Jasper is still trying to find the person who betrayed his troops in the war; he doesn't feel up to the effort of courting another woman.

Melisande Fleming has loved Jasper from afar for many years. When she finds out that his engagement is off, she asks him to marry her. He agrees because he wants an heir. When they consummate the marriage, he discovers that she is not as innocent as she appears. Melisande has secrets that she shares with Jasper and is surprised when he is not disturbed by them.

Jasper and Melisande get along well as their marriage progresses but Melisande knows that Jasper is tortured by his past in the war. She tries to get him to talk about it but he seems to hold back. He sleeps on a pallet at night and works hard to find out more about who betrayed him. Melisande wants to help him and they travel together to Scotland to talk to a man who was in Jasper's troop.

Though Jasper's and Melisande's marriage starts out as one of convenience, he falls in love with her quickly. They are both lonely people with secrets they need to work through. The humor in the book stems from a dog. Jasper is not crazy about the animal but knows that Melisande loves him and the canine quickly realizes who's in control. To Seduce a Sinner is richly written with complex characters and filled with adventure and romance.

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