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Demon's Hunger    by Eve Silver order for
Demon's Hunger
by Eve Silver
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Vivien Cairn is a well-respected forensic anthropologist who's beginning to think she's losing her mind. Initially she believes her blackouts are the result of delayed stress from an intense criminal case where her testimony played a key role in convicting a killer. But after months of a self-imposed break from work, colleagues and friends, Vivien isn't so sure her cure is working. She's still regularly losing large blocks of time. When a sexy stranger tracks her down and asks her help in identifying a pouch full of ancient scorched bones Vivien is intrigued as well as completely taken aback. She isn't sure which fascinates her more; the bones or the fact that Dain Hawkins is the most alluring and mysterious man she's ever met.

When Dain Hawkins arrives on Vivien's doorstep, he expects a plain, middle-aged schoolmarm, not the lush, beautiful and slightly exotic creature who immediately kicks his libido into painfully high gear. Before the pair can get down to business, however, demons surge from the shadows intent on claiming the beautiful academic. Sworn to protect humans from demons, Dain shifts into high gear. He swiftly dispatches the threat and is left wondering why a pack of demons were hunting the good doctor. Even more puzzling, why did she have her very own collection of scorched bones, relics that she claims she's stumbled across in her travels or that just seem to find their way into her hands. Determined to solve the puzzle of the bones, as well as the puzzle that is Dr. Vivien Cairn, Dain convinces her they must work together to not only verify his suspicions about the bones, but also uncover her true origins.

Series featuring supernatural brotherhoods continue to be a hot commodity in paranormal romance. Silver's dark and edgy Compact of Sorcerers, whom she introduces in full force here - complete with hints of mysterious back-stories and divided loyalties - proves an imaginative addition to the genre. In Dain and Vivien's case, the author has created two very appealing leads and skilfully navigates them through a relationship teeming with danger and sexual tension. She's also given the pair a fast-paced mystery to solve, one that culminates in surprising twists to an already fascinating mythology-- all of which makes Demon's Hunger a truly compelling second instalment to an outstanding new series.

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