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Too Far Gone: Navy SEALs Book 6    by Marliss Melton order for
Too Far Gone
by Marliss Melton
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Ellie Stuart feels blessed that she's finally built stability and security into her and her three sons' lives. Her no account husband is nothing more than an unpleasant memory and she's ready to turn the page on her past and reach for new goals. One of them is returning to school for her nursing degree. With the help of her landlord, Sean Harlan, she's able to do just that. Sean's provided her with a comfortable home, incredibly reasonable rent, and even comes around to spend time with her boys when he's not off in some dangerous hot spot saving the world. And yes, Ellie might have developed something of a crush on the handsome and easygoing SEAL, but she's well aware that Sean Harlan is the last man on Earth to settle down - much less with a divorcée and her three needy kids.

But when her boys are brutally ripped from her arms, Ellie discovers just how wrong she'd been about Sean's priorities. Desperate to understand who would want to kidnap her children, the pair defy the authorities' orders to let them handle it and begin turning over every rock from Virginia to Arkansas looking for her ex-husband. Ellie is certain they're on the wrong track; Carl had never shown any interest in his boys. But once she and Sean unearth surprising revelations about Carl's background, it becomes evident that the kidnapping had everything to do with her husband's lineage and the machinations of a powerful organisation calling itself the Centurions, for whom bloodlines mean everything.

Melton flexes her storytelling wings and presents one of her most intriguing and multi-layered plots in Too Far Gone. However, the chemistry between Sean and Ellie suffers, due to numerous threads and a generous supporting cast. Their attraction was evident when both were introduced in Book 5, but because of the race against time nature of the story, the pair is given little opportunity to explore their relationship. Nor is Sean's transformation from a ladies man to a one-woman man all that believable. Even so, Too Far Gone satisfies on most levels and proves another enjoyable addition to Melton's engaging SEAL series.

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