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Kiss of a Dark Moon: Moon Chasers    by Sharie Kohler order for
Kiss of a Dark Moon
by Sharie Kohler
Order:  USA  Can
Pocket, 2008 (2008)
Paperback, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Kit March experienced tragedy and loss at an early age: she witnessed her mother turning Lycan, her hunger for blood so intense she targeted her own family to slake her bloodlust. Kit's father died under his wife's slavering fangs, but Kit and her elder brother Gideon were saved by an agent of NODEAL (National Organization Against Ancient & Evolving Lycanthropes). Gideon went on to become the organization's best hunter and Kit's most fervent wish is to follow her big brother's example. Unfortunately though, NODEAL has stringent policies prohibiting female hunters. But Kit hasn't let this stop her from achieving her life's goal, even if NODEAL labels her rogue.

Unlike their lax American counterparts, the more hard-core European Federation of Lycan Agents deal with rogue agents swiftly and mercilessly. Rafael Santiago is EFLA's most effective agent, ruthless in his resolve to hunt down lycans and rogue agents alike. Kit March's continued existence is a black mark for the organization and she must be destroyed. But once Rafe sees her in action, his icy resolve falters. Something about her defies logic - something about her spirit that merits further study. Rafe knows all about keeping secrets - he's keeping a rather big one of his own. Who better to protect Kit March from herself (and from EFLA's assassins) than Rafe, a man whose own shadowy origins could well turn the entire Federation on its ear.

In Kiss of the Dark Moon Sharie Kohler has created everything die-hard paranormal fans are looking for: an intriguing werewolf mythology, well rounded characters readers care about, an action-packed plot, a dark aura of mystery, and of course, a hot romance between Kit and Rafe. Kohler also peppers her plot with plenty of hints about what's to come in future instalments. If you're hungry for a fresh take on the familiar werewolf tale then look no further than Kiss of a Dark Moon - a top pick for your Halloween reading list.

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