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Always Look Twice: Callahan Brothers    by Geralyn Dawson order for
Always Look Twice
by Geralyn Dawson
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Former Spec Ops team leader Mark Callahan is not happy when he learns that a shadowy killer has murdered members of his former unit - and is targeting the survivors, including his estranged wife Annabelle Monroe. She's not too happy about the shocking development either. Annabelle thought she'd seen the last of the man who'd broken her heart into tiny pieces but unfortunately, with this latest twist in their unorthodox relationship, the pair is forced to pool their knowledge and expertise to rout out a determined killer.

Armed with only scanty clues, Mark and Annabelle research the lives and the deaths of their dead team mates. But their search is riddled with roadblocks and the unwelcome knowledge that they will need to spend even more time together to solve the case. Their chase takes them cross country, beginning in Hawaii and culminating in Mark's Texas hometown, where the killer threatens not only Mark and Annabelle, but also both their families. Along the way the former lovers must also confront the fact that they've never stopped loving each other - and that perhaps it's time for second chances.

This latest instalment in Dawson's sexy Callahan Brothers series once again delivers plenty of action and suspense, along with Dawson's well drawn characterizations. There's a sizzling romance between leads Mark and Annabelle as they're forced to re-evaluate their failed relationship. Dawson's clever injection of a secondary villain heightens the tension and keeps readers wondering about the identity of the mastermind. The author wraps things up with a nifty cliffhanger that guarantees her growing fan base will be back for more. Always Look Twice is a must read for those who crave scorching and edgy romantic suspense.

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