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Dark Highland Fire    by Kendra Leigh Castle order for
Dark Highland Fire
by Kendra Leigh Castle
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Gabriel MacInnes has never felt as if he's had a true purpose within the Clan MacInnes werewolf pack hierarchy. To others, he appears content to manage his pub and juggle a score of girlfriends, but when Gabriel is suddenly entrusted to guard the life of demi-goddess Rowan an Morgaine, he takes his appointed task very seriously. Infuriated that her brother Bastien would presume to think she needed anyone's help, Rowan vows to make her annoying bodyguard's every waking moment a living nightmare. If anyone is going to settle the score with the murderous dragons who slaughtered so many of her kinsmen in an attempt to kidnap her, it will be Rowan. Unfortunately, though, she soon learns that Gabriel MacInnes's stubborn streak is miles wider than her own.

Gabriel is deadly determined to honour his vow to Bastien, despite his spoiled and stubborn sister's repeated ploys to test Gabriel's patience. The fact that he finds her intensely desirable is even more irritating. But once he realizes that she is his destined mate, he's even more resolute to protect her from the dark dragon prince who's vowed to make her his. As powerful minions join the fray and close in from all sides, Rowan and Gabriel, as well as his pack, are tested to their limits. Will the dragons win the day? Or will Gabriel and Rowan's love and their intertwined destiny triumph?

In this second instalment of Castle's richly envisioned series, she delves even further into the fantastical realms of the MacInnes werewolf clan that she introduced in her debut novel, Call of the Highland Moon. The author once again deftly balances high fantasy, adventure, and of course, a searing romance. She's also created standout characterizations, particularly in Gabriel. His glib, self-indulgent manner is neatly nipped in the bud the moment he finds himself swept into the fiery maelstrom that is demi-goddess Rowan an Morgaine. Castle also widens the parameters of her already imaginative world by incorporating those of the dragons, vampires and other assorted otherworldly creatures, some of whom will certainly show up in future stories. With Dark Highland Fire, Kendra Leigh solidifies her reputation as a fresh new voice in paranormal romance.

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