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The Ride    by Jane Kennedy Sutton order for
by Jane Kennedy Sutton
Order:  USA  Can
Archebooks, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Barbie Anderson likes to spend time dreaming she is living someone else's life. When fully awake however reality rears its ugly head. She's unhappy in her marriage with her husband Ken. At times he can be demanding and abusive. Lately his moods are getting darker and Barbie is on the receiving end. Divorce is now always on her mind. Her only child Jessica left home after telling Barbie and Ken she is a lesbian. Ken of course went into a rage. He tries to strip Barbie of her self esteem daily, while all she wants from life is to be loved and acknowledged.

One day Barbie is informed that her Aunt Pat has passed away. Raised by her aunt, she immediately feels guilty for not visiting more often. After meeting with Aunt Pat's lawyer, Barbie learns she is the sole beneficiary of the estate. Barbie is suddenly wealthy and her life is about to change. First on her agenda is to keep Ken in the dark about her good fortune. Out one night for a drink (totally out of character for Barbie), she meets a handsome young man, to whom she confides all her problems. Michael however is a charmer and, being naive, Barbie is easy pickings for this con man.

Join Barbie for The Ride of her life as she leaves home and travels cross country with Michael, the handsome stranger. You will be cheering for Barbie as she gains her independence and takes charge of her own life. This does not come easy though and Barbie makes a lot of mistakes along the way. The Ride is a heart warming, funny story about a middle aged woman claiming what is rightfully hers. Don't miss it.

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