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Hostage to Pleasure: Psy-Changlings Book 5    by Nalini Singh order for
Hostage to Pleasure
by Nalini Singh
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Dorian Christensen is one of the most lethal of the SnowDancer sentinels - even more so since the brutal murder of his sister at the hands of a high level Psy council member turned serial killer. Dorian turns his burning rage inward and uses it to enhance his abilities as a sniper, while also continuing to work toward the destruction of the Psy Society as a whole. The fact that he's never been able to shift to leopard form only adds to the very thin line he now treads - a single crack in his hard won control could set free his raging inner demons and turn him completely rogue. His unexpected, yet undeniable attraction to brilliant Psy scientist Ashaya Aleine only adds to his physical and emotional turmoil.

Ashaya is determined to save her young son Keenan from the clutches of the Psy council. Having already helped the Changlings rescue several kidnapped children, she now entrusts Keenan to Dorian's care while she continues working toward her own escape and her plan to expose Protocol 1. If implemented the experiment will essentially remove free will from all those within the Psy society, thus granting a select few complete control. What Ashaya does not expect is her very emotional reaction to the angry and incredibly lethal Changling who swears to protect her son with his life. Both Ashaya and Dorian confront and eventually accept their attraction and their bonding. However, as they work together to expose the Psy Council they soon discover that there are others who would see Ashaya's freedom and newfound love destroyed.

Book five of Singh's intense and intricately plotted Psy-Changling series adds even more fascinating layers to an already distinctive story arc. Not only does she present an emotionally complex love story, she deftly balances various intriguing sub-plots. One involves the machinations of a handful of powerful Psy council members intent on moving their Society into a new and dangerous direction. The other involves rebels like Ashaya who have been secretly working toward exposing the power hungry elite within the Council. Hostage to Pleasure adds another powerful chapter to a paranormal series that's far and away one of the most imaginative currently in print.

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