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Hungry for More    by Diana Holquist order for
Hungry for More
by Diana Holquist
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

When Amy Burns shows up at the Les Fleurs restaurant looking for a woman named Roni, Chef James Lachance assumes she is there to take Roni's position as a waitress. Though he soon notices her inexperience, he keeps her on after she inspires his best recipe yet.

Amy just wants to stay long enough to find Roni and reconnect with the voice that lets her know other people's one true love. Though she knows she can never fall in love or she will lose the voice forever, Amy is wildly attracted to the sexy chef and can't seem to stay away from him. Another problem is that she has a soft spot for Roni's son. Roni has left the boy alone, which at first makes it easy for Amy to get into Roni's house pretending that Roni sent her. But when she gets attached to the boy, things change.

Amy and James each develop their own idea for keeping the other around. James wants to add a fourth star to his restaurant, and simply kissing Amy inspired his best ever recipe. Amy wants to regain the voice that Roni stole. The heat in the kitchen is not just from the ovens but from the sparks flying between the two. Can they both get what they want or will one of them have to compromise?

Hungry for More is everything that I expected from a Diana Holquist romance. Amy's and James' story had me hooked from the first chapter where their interactions sizzled. The secondary characters are quirky and humorous. The author's talent for creating personalities with charm, passion and humor reels readers in right from the beginning. If you have not read the One True Love Trilogy you are missing out on a fantastic series.

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