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Cutting Loose    by Susan Andersen order for
Cutting Loose
by Susan Andersen
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2008 (2008)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Jane Kaplinski has just inherited the Wolcott house with her close friends Poppy and Ava. The three girls grew up and attended private school together. While they are from very different backgrounds, they formed a bond. They met an eccentric woman while they were young and now she has left the house to the three of them.

Devlin Kavanagh is home because his brother is sick and he needs to help with the restoration of the Wolcott house. His first encounter with Jane (when he was jet-lagged) left a bad impression and Jane can't seem to speak to him without being snippy. He is wildly attracted to her but wonders if he can get past the wall she has built around herself.

Jane is blown away by how sexy Devlin is but can't seem to help being mean to him. Though sparks fly immediately, she doesn't want to fall in love with him. Her parents have had a love/hate relationship for years and Jane hopes to avoid that trap. She also knows that Devlin wants to go back to his carefree life of sailing around the world.

When Jane and Devlin start to work closely together, they're unable to keep their hands off each other. They agree to a no-strings-attached fling but then fall in love. Also, Devlin is from a large family that always seems to be around, and Jane is not used to that. Can they find a way to spend their life together happily?

Jane and Devlin's relationship starts off rocky but it is fun to watch it evolve. The supporting cast includes Jane's nutty parents, her fun friends, Devlin's large family, and a jealous co-worker with a gambling problem. Cutting Loose is the first in a series and I can't wait to read Poppy's and Ava's own stories.

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