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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2005
by Hilary Williamson

Have you left lists lying around, of must read books for the holidays, hoping that someone will take them along when they shop? It's always worked for me, and I don't mind my hints being blatant (always used to remind family about upcoming birthdays too!) To help fill your lists, I scanned our dusty shelves to come up with BookLoons recommended reads for 2005.

This time, I've stuck mostly to hardcovers and suggest you have a look at our Recommended Reads 2004 to find excellent books that are out in paperback now. As always, I've stuck (with a great deal of difficulty) to only three titles per genre - all published in 2005. Hope you find choices here for all your shopping lists, and especially books that will light up the eyes of your loved ones after they tear open the wrappings ...

Coffee Table Books Contemporary Cookbooks
A Day in the Life of the American Woman
On This Earth
The Ha-Ha
The Hungry Tide
Irish Traditional Cooking
Molto Italiano
Fantasy Historical Memoirs
Lord of the Silver Bow
Shaman's Crossing
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
700 Sundays
Dean & Me
Never Have Your Dog Stuffed
Mystery NonFiction Parenting
Cold Granite
Dead at Daybreak
Field of Blood
Field Notes on the Compassionate Life
No god but God
Growing Up Too Fast
The Road to Whatever
Why Gender Matters
Romance SF Travel
A Breath of Snow and Ashes
He Loves Lucy
Match Me If You Can
The Carpet Makers
Old Man's War
Even After All This Time
Lady and the Panda
Sky Burial
Chapter Books Picture Books Teens
Fries Alive!
Nicky Deuce
The Scarecrow and His Servant
The Gift of Nothing
Imagine A Day
What's With This Room?
The Opal Deception
For more book gift and holiday reading suggestions, check out Reviewer Faves 2005 and our many Holiday Columns. All of us at BookLoons wish you Happy Holidays, and a peaceful, healthy and joyful New Year!!

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