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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2012
by Hilary Williamson

The year has flown by and it is December once more ... we've baked (and drizzled) fruit cakes, lit outdoor lights, started shopping for gifts, penned cards to far-flung family and friends, and I have been playing carols on my harp. We've had dustings of snow outside and huddled by a fire inside, rehearsing for the holidays. Anticipation scents the air.

A big part of the festive season for me has always been the anticipation of books, carefully selected as gifts or put aside for personal enjoyment in the quiet times we all savor during the holdiay rush. If good reading matters to you too, look through our recommendations of the best books of 2012 below (limited to only 3 per genre with difficulty and personal bias). These are mainly hardcovers - find great reads most likely published in paperback in 2012 in our Recommended Reads 2011.

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
The Cottage at Glass Beach
Island Apart
Banner of the Damned
Echoes of Betrayal
Shadow of Night
In the Shadow of the Banyan
The Stockholm Octavo
The Winter Palace
Horror Literary Mystery
The Bedlam Detective
The Ridge
The Whisperer
A Land More Kind Than Home
The Submission
The Orchardist
The Expats
Mandarin Gate

Romance SF Thriller
The Great Escape
Hell on Wheels
The Witness
Arctic Rising
Earth Unaware
The Long Earth
Bleed for Me
The Survivor
Biography General Travel
Queen of the Conqueror
Sister Queens
On a Farther Shore
The Power of Habit
Twilight of the Elites
Come, Tell Me How You Live
Journeys on the Silk Road
Radio Shangri-La
Chloe and the Lion
The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
If All the Animals Came Inside
YA Contemporary YA Fantasy
The Taming
What Happens Next
Dust Girl

Find more book gift suggestions in our many previous Holiday Columns. And if we missed any of your own 2012 favorites, please write and tell us about them.

All of us at BookLoons wish you and yours the best of times, the happiest of
holidays, and a joyous, healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2013 to follow!!

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