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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2010
by Hilary Williamson

Outside, the leaves have all fallen, and the trees are bare, awaiting their holiday decorations of snow-laden branches to sparkle in the sun and gleam mysteriously by moonlight. We've had snowfalls already, but these were rehearsals only for the long-running winter drama that will soon play in these parts. Now the festive season is nigh ... time for baking and drizzling fruit cakes, exchanging cookies, planning gifts for friends and family, and reading by firelight.

I've always given - and received - books at this time of year (and I sometimes even give myself book gifts for holiday reading - how book-loony is that?) If you too have readers to buy for (yourself included), look over our best-of-the-year recommendations below (limited to three per genre with the usual difficulty, muttering and personal bias). These are mainly hardcovers - check out our Recommended Reads 2009 for excellent titles most likely published in paperback in 2010.

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
I Still Dream About You
Red Hook Road
The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise
City of Night
Under Heaven
The Way of Kings
The Bells
Island Beneath the Sea
Romancing Miss Brontė
Horror Literary Mystery
Bitter Seeds
The Fall
Love Bites
Arcadia Falls
The Blasphemer
Walking to Gatlinburg
Crime Machine
Think of a Number
The Woodcutter

Romance SF Thriller
Pieces of Sky
Silent Scream
The Wish List
The Extra
Psalms of Isaak: Antiphon
Thirteen Hours
They're Watching
Biography Environment General
Northern Light
One More Theory About Happiness
Crude World
Hamlet's BlackBerry
Toward a Zero Energy Home
Language of Life
This Book Is Overdue!
When You Lie About Your Age the Terrorists Win
Country Driving
Pearl Buck in China
Stranger to History
Picture Books Chapter Books Middle Reads
City Dog, Country Frog
Clever Jack Takes the Cake
Dear Teacher

Poop Happened!
Solar System Superhero
The Atlantis Complex
Smells Like Dog
YA Contemporary YA Fantasy Graphic Novels
The Cardturner
Only in the Movies
Some Girls Are
City of Glass
Finnikin of the Rock
Gimme a Call
Alice in the Country of Hearts
The Sons of Liberty

Find more book gift suggestions in our many previous Holiday Columns. And if we missed some of your own 2010 favorites, please email and tell us about them.

All of us at BookLoons wish you and yours the best of times, the happiest of
holidays, and a most healthy, joyous, prosperous and peaceful 2011 to follow!!

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