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The Sons of Liberty: Volume 1    by Alexander Lagos, Joseph Lagos & et al order for
Sons of Liberty
by Alexander Lagos
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, Softcover
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

School is out for the summer, so who wants to spend their vacation reading about early American history? Any preteen or teen boy if the book they are reading is The Sons of Liberty. Authors Alexander and Joseph Lagos have taken seminal points leading up to the American Revolution and turned them - with the help of illustrator Steve Walker and inker Oren Kramek - into an almost-superhero-esque graphic novel.

America is still under British rule and slaves are pouring in from Africa. Benjamin Franklin has done his famous key on a kite experiment and is a popular figure for promoting inventions. His son William is an inventor too, but his approach is more sinister. When he captures two runaway slaves, Graham and Brody, on their way to meet activist Benjamin Lay, William performs a horrendous experiment on the two boys. His father finds them, still alive, and takes them to Lay.

However, the experiment has forever changed the two young boys, and now they have superpowers. Lay starts to teach them an old fighting tradition all the way from Africa, but slave traders are still after the boys and Lay has made too many enemies to be safe.

The Sons of Liberty is an action-packed tale, the likes of which American history has never seen. While crafting a story that will keep readers engaged, Lagos and Lagos also help the reader see some of the truth behind historical figures, while telling a tale that is pure fiction. Walker's artwork helps the action flow, but it is Kramek's coloring that really brings life to the piece. The mood of the story radiates from each richly-hued panel, setting the stage for action and intrigue.

Despite being purely fiction, The Sons of Liberty can help engage readers' interest in early American history and give them a feel for the era. This is one action-packed superhero adventure unlike any other. The Sons of Liberty is sure to be a hit this summer even with those who would rather leave history in school.

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