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The Project
Is your nose always in a book?
Do peers give you a hard time?
You know something they don't.

Keep on reading and you'll know
a whole lot of things they don't!

Pandemic Survival

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The Project is en empathetic portrayal of how the vulnerable can be enticed into a cult; in Highfire, Squib teams with an ancient bayou dragon ; Pandemic Survival explains 'It's Why You're Alive'; a high school senior's father was a terrorist in What Makes Us; Steph relies on an online community, administered by a helpful AI in Catfishing on CatNet.

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Starsight is the sequel to Skyward; Briar Rose is 'A Novel of the Holocaust'; Dark Star Calling is Dark Intercept #3; The Queen's Assassin is Queen's Secret #1; Japanese teens are caught in an unwinnable war in The Blossom and the Firefly; and find out how much the Internet knows about you in Catfishing on CatNet.

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Books vs. Bullies; Teen Halloween 11; William Bell, Meg Cabot, Eoin Colfer, Peter Dickinson, Lois Duncan, Sarah Mlynowski, Tamora Pierce, Courtney Summers, The Difference Rap; more.

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Artemis Fowl, Darren Shan, Ender, Eragon, Wee Free Men, Wolf Brother , more.

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