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* * James H. Schmitz Agent of Vega & Other Stories US Orders
Order Can
Review Baen, 2001 (2004) Paperback
Schmitz postulates what-if's that tickle the imagination. (TI)

* * James H. Schmitz Telzey Amberdon US Orders
Order Can
Review Baen, 2000 (1953) Paperback
Compiled by Eric Flint from short stories originally published in Analog. Telzey is a 15 year old genius and emerging psychic contending with rogue telepaths, aliens and secret agents of the Psychological Corps. One of the best early SF heroines! (HW)

* * * James H. Schmitz The Witches of Karres US Orders
Order Can
Review Orion, 2000 (1966) Hardcover, Paperback
A marvellous mix of spaceship and sorcery, after a simple space captain rescues three small witches from slavery. (HW)

* * * Lawrence M. Schoen Barsk: The Elephants' Graveyard US Orders
Order Can
Review Tor, 2015 (2015) Hardcover, e-Book
In a galaxy filled with uplifted mammals the Fant are universally despised, but the koph they produce is in high demand for its use in communicating with the dead. (HW)