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* Thomas M. Reid Gridrunner US Orders
Order Can
Wizards of the Coast, 2000 (2000) Paperback
Sable is coerced into working for a crime syndicate as a black market data courier. Then Agent Lazarus traps her and they're both on the run ... action and romance, weak on plot. (HW)

* * Matthew Reilly The Great Zoo of China US Orders
Order Can
Review Simon & Schuster, 2015 (2015) Hardcover, e-Book
In this fast paced, action novel, chaos descends on a secret animal park in China when the attraction's unusual inhabitants go on a rampage. (BW)

* * * Matthew Reinhart A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy: Star Wars US Orders
Order Can
Review Scholastic, 2007 (2007) Hardcover
This 30th anniversary commemorative pop-up book is a gem for fans of all ages. (AT)

* * Alastair Reynolds Pushing Ice US Orders
Order Can
Review Ace, 2006 (2005) Hardcover, Paperback
After one of Saturn's moons inexplicably deviates from its orbit, the Rockhopper and its crew are ordered to stop pushing ice determine the object's composition, provenance, and purpose. (TD)

* * * Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Orion, 2001 (2000) Hardcover, Softcover
A grand canvas of words and worlds, reminiscent of Asimov's Foundation or Herbert's Dune. Archaeologist Sylveste is obsessed with uncovering the secrets of the Amarantin artefact. Will it prove to be a Pandora's box?  (HW)