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* * Lynn Viehl Nightbred US Orders
Order Can
Review Signet, 2013 (2013) Paperback, CD, e-Book
Jamys Durand has been in love with mortal Chris Lang from the moment they met three years before. But he realises that he has no future to offer her. (MB)

* * Lynn Viehl Private Demon: A Novel of the Darkyn US Orders
Order Can
Review Signet, 2005 (2005) Paperback
Returns to the world of the Darkyn in a sequel to If Angels Burn(MB)

* * Lynn Viehl Stay the Night: A Novel of the Darkyn US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Onyx, 2009 (2009) Paperback
Federal agent Chris Renshaw is determined to nab the elusive art thief her law enforcement counterparts have dubbed The Magician(MB)

* * * Lynn Viehl Twilight Fall US Orders
Order Can
Review Onyx, 2008 (2008) Paperback
Valentin Jaus, introduced previously as a secondary character who suffers heartbreak and a crippling injury, finally stars in his own story and finds true love with Liling, a gardener with a secret. (MB)