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* * * Manda Scott Dreaming the Bull: Boudica Book 2 US Orders
Order Can
Review Delacorte, 2004 (2004) Hardcover, e-Book
In this 2nd in the Boudica series, Ban (now Julius Valerius) brutally represses his own people, while Breaca and Caradoc fight back. (HW)

* * * Manda Scott Dreaming the Eagle: Boudica Book 1 US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Knopf, 2003 (2003) Hardcover, Softcover, CD
1st in a trilogy that follows the life of Breaca (later to be known as Boudica) of the Iceni during the Roman conquest and occupation of Britain. (HW)

* * * Manda Scott Dreaming the Hound: Boudica Book 3 US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2005 (2005) Softcover
This 3rd in the series sends Breaca and those closest to her into peril back in the Eceni lands, and involves Valerius in the struggle once more. (HW)

* * * Manda Scott Dreaming the Serpent Spear: Boudica Book 4 US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2006 (2006) Softcover
In this splendid conclusion to the series, Breaca leads her people in revolt against the Romans and must make a pivotal choice between her line and her land(HW)